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Baccarat is undoubtedly one of the oldest card games in the world and in many ways it is also one of the easiest to play. That simplicity has made it extremely popular...

Understanding Odds: An Explanation of Decimal and Fractional Odds

Sports betting odds can be very confusing, especially when the odds are shown in a format that you are not used to. On this page we'll try and explain how odds are shown...


  • amelia31 (2013-03-26 20:04:18)

    where it is promo codes?

  • edo (2013-03-28 09:32:25)

    Hi Amelia. Here you go: ************

  • JENGGERS007 (2013-04-04 08:58:17)

    i dont have BA$ ? -_____-''

  • edo (2013-04-04 13:19:07)

    Hi Jenggers. Keep checking on our Facebook and Twitter pages for promo codes to get more BA$. Also, by logging in daily you will build up your BA$. And by inviting friends and them becoming member you'll get loads of BA$!

  • amelia31 (2013-05-06 05:07:14)

    if i exchange my bet asia stars with the voucher,do i need to have an account at
    thank you

  • edo (2013-05-06 17:09:04)

    Hi Amelia. Yes, you need an account with them. Just click on one of the bet365 adverts or links on the site. You get a big joining bonus when you join bet365.

  • amelia31 (2013-05-06 21:37:22)

    do i have to make a deposit,sorry if i ask too much

  • edo (2013-05-07 08:25:29)

    No problem, Amelia. That's what we're here for. Yes, you have to make a deposit to get bet365's big bonus.

  • milo prakoso (2013-07-18 14:20:27)

    how do I get start bet on ?

  • milo prakoso (2013-07-18 14:22:08)

    Would you tell me how to start to bet on

  • edo (2013-07-18 17:28:34)

    Hi Milo. First you have to join Bet Asia here: ************
    Then when you are a member you can bet for free here: ************
    Hope that helps!

  • heartbeats00727 (2013-07-24 20:27:39)

    Is it compulsory that you have to make a deposit to claim your bet365 voucher from betasia.
    Plz reply....

  • edo (2013-07-25 09:02:38)

    Hi. You don't have to make a deposit to claim your bet365 voucher from Bet Asia. You only need to have an account with bet365. Hope that helps!

  • faisal0255 (2013-07-28 05:49:49)

    HELLO ADMIN today i signup ur beutiful site Betasia.i hv filled my Address details but i didnt get BA$ for confrm address.

  • kptan2006 (2013-08-05 06:48:44)

    I think This site should add Badminton in betting play. Badminton is already one of Olympique regular sport events. Also many badminton asia fans and in some europe countries too.

  • edo (2013-08-06 10:37:43)

    Thanks for the feedback, kptan. Badminton is certainly very popular in Asia. One of the problems is the major bookmakers don't cover it that well. Do you bet on badminton?

  • kptan2006 (2013-08-19 06:21:00)

    Certainly. I love Lee Choon Wei and Lindan. Also some Mens doubles matches. Sometimes Women single matches is full of miracles too.

  • basilzainu (2013-08-13 15:00:24)

    how much time will it take to settle the bets once the event is over??

  • edo (2013-08-14 09:43:39)

    Hi. The bets are settled as soon as possible after they have finished.

  • jonson8888 (2013-08-18 23:42:14)

    i play over 2.5 and 3.5 nuernberg vs hertha berlin
    why not return my BAS?

  • kptan2006 (2013-08-19 06:19:01)

    Hello Admin
    There is some errors in bet computation
    The result of Nurnberg v Hertha Berlin (Bundesliga match result is 2:2)
    My bet on the matches is Draw,Over 3.5 and result predict 2:2 should be Correct
    and win bets. But the system tell it is a Bad bets. Admins,if you see this msg Pls check my #3 bets code:
    Hope you see my feedback 🙂

  • edo (2013-08-20 11:33:36)

    Sorry guys, this has now been changed. Thanks for playing.

  • raveendra.sykam (2013-09-05 12:46:20)

    Hello Admin, I win 1 star i placed a bet of 1000 BA

  • gruntguy (2013-09-07 13:49:29)

    I haven't received a news letter for this week please send me a code for 500BA$

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