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Why do we think our betting lines are most accurate?

Plenty of betting sites aimed at the Asian market say that they have the most accurate betting lines available. But I find that very often the lines they display on their site do not actually reflect the odds offered by the biggest betting houses across Asia.

Bet Asia claims to have the most accurate betting lines because they are based on markets that are actually being traded, usually for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our lines come out of one of the biggest betting houses in Asia, which acts as a clearing house for many bookmakers and their agents.

Why might our lines be different from your Asian handicap bookmaker?

1. It is early in the week – less than 48 hours before the game, many bookies will not offer Asian handicap markets. If they do, the limits may be as low as $500, while later in the week you could have $100,000 or more with no problems. The line becomes most solid – and almost always the same across all Asian bookies – in the 24 hours before the match kicks off.

2. Your bookie offers better or worse margins – We quote a 10 point line on the Asian handicap markets, unless every major house is quoting a 15 point line. Both sides at 1.95 1.95 is a 10 point line, as is 1.80 2.10 (add the two numbers together and subtract from 4.00 (eg 1.95 plus 1.95 equals 3.90, minus 4 is 0.10 = 10 points). Some bookies offer a 15 point line (eg 1.95 1.90) and some offer a 5 point line (eg 1.975 1.975). The main houses offer big clients 5 point lines but we know most smaller bettors will be playing 10 point lines, so that’s what we show on the Bet Asia site.

3. Your bookmaker is not very good – Lots of online bookies are trying to get into the Asian handicap market and put up odds that are wrong. Their limits tend to be low. We are confident our lines are more accurate than their lines.

We hope this helps you understand why you should always visit Bet Asia first for the most accurate betting lines.


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