How to Win

Asian Handicaps

How Asian handicaps work and how to calculate your winnings.

Asian odds % conversion table

A table for converting Asian odds into percentage chances of a team winning

Bet Asia`s odds

Why do we think our betting lines are most accurate?

Betting Percentages

How to understand betting percentages and why they make a big difference to your betting success.

Bookies who lose

IT is said that you never meet a poor bookie and its certainly true that their consumption of caviar, Cuban cigars and expensive cars is somewhat above average.

Bookmaker Risk Management – How it has Changed

Bookmakers are in the business of managing risk. Like actuaries (who would be horrified to be described as bookmakers but effectively do the same job), the bookie...

European odds % conversion table

A conversion table to convert European odds to the percentage chance of a team winning a game

Origin of Asian Handicap

Where does the term Asian Handicap come from? Who invented the description?


  • lydia (2013-10-01 02:48:53)

    how to startg

  • Nurul fatihah (2016-07-23 17:40:39)

    Bonus scr please

  • Taher21 (2018-04-17 05:48:16)

    How can I make bets

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